Queens: After the Rain



NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula – Hubble Space Telescope


The incredible Bubble Nebula.

Mercury transit with ISS – Thierry Legault

How big is the Canadian wildfire?

Mercury transits the Sun – David Cortner

The Really Big One – The New Yorker

Kenneth Murphy, who directs FEMA’s Region X, the division responsible for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska, says, “Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast.”


“When that tsunami is coming, you run,” Jay Wilson, the chair of the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission (OSSPAC), says. “You protect yourself, you don’t turn around, you don’t go back to save anybody. You run for your life.”

A fascinating and absolutely terrifying article about the Cascadia subduction zone and the possibility of a cataclysmic tectonic event.


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.20.49 PM.png

Spare a thought for those in Canada right now..

“April was exceptionally mild, with temperatures regularly in the seventies; two days ago, the thermometer hit ninety, which is about thirty degrees higher than the region’s normal May maximum.” – story here.