This blog is about humans and the modern world we have created. I’m very much into Science and how it can expand and extend us and I’m still trying to figure out what the tagline means.

I guess it’s that the two things (Science and Fiction) interact and are important to each other but they should also be understood in isolation.

So I dig Star Wars for what it is (A romantic fantasy in Space) and the James Webb Space Telescope for what that is (the next step in our understanding of the greater Universe)

I make music, short films and animate – sometimes with reference to the above. I live in Brooklyn.

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33 thoughts on “About

    • hey thanks man really appreciate that – yeah i just try and keep it on-topic as much as i can.. i have a tumblr too where i post almost a mirror of wordpress but the two ‘audiences’ tend to respond to things differently so sometimes i modify a bit.

      thanks again, always nice to hear that someone enjoys the content.

      have a good one.

  1. I’m a new follower of Simotron and my blog is entitled paywindow7. I have never come across a blog or website as good as this one where the concept of subject is any more grab your eye, sit you down and hold you rapt with the graphics and photography beyond excellent. I’m looking forward to following your blog. How can I access your music?

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  3. Hi there. Just stumbled upon your awesome blog. You should give Curiator.com a try, I just added a bunch of images from here.

  4. Hey y’all I been gone a few years now – kinda stopped blogging on this platform because it seemed a bit disconnected from i guess the mainstream of the web – thanks to everyone for stopping by – I’ve just been perusing the sci-art and realizing how much i miss it – maybe i’ll find time to post again someday

    • nothing like the good old times. with the current state of affairs with fb and all the platform around, wordpress seems like a golden spot for public private diary. your blog introduced me to many amazing movies and authors, so i would be glad to see more in future. in case it won’t happen, thanks for all the fish

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