Jupiter Aurora – Hubble Space Telescope, NASA/ESA, The Hubble Heritage Team. Acknowledgment: H. Weaver (JHU/APL) and A. Simon-Miller (NASA/GSFC)

This image is a composite made from ultraviolet- and visible-light images of Jupiter taken with Hubble from February 17-21, 2007. The glowing aurorae near Jupiter’s North and South Poles were imaged using Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys’ surviving ultraviolet camera. Jupiter’s ever-changing cloudtops are seen through blue and red filters with Hubble’s Wide Field Planetary Camera. In this dramatic image, Jupiter shows a novel array of cloud features including the recently formed Little Red Spot, a smaller version of Jupiter’s well-known and long-lived Great Red Spot. Atmospheric features as small as 100 miles (160 km) across can be discerned.


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