Melas Chasma, Mars from the HiRise project, Science and Bernie!

Melas Chasma


We live in an unprecedented age of access to Scientific findings and yet some people it seems refuse to even acknowledge the things that we know. I always find it funny that people who don’t believe in Climate Change still check the weather on their phones, as if each relies on a different version of Science. Perhaps it’s the vastness and strangeness of space – the way in which it challenges everything our intellects can contemplate, it can be hard to look at something which is infinitely humbling.

I myself feel that way and I must admit the idea of traveling in space over long distances just makes me realize I will never experience it, it’s just too dangerous and I’m not rich. I wouldn’t mind going into orbit but even the idea of doing something like Scott Kelly’s trip doesn’t appeal – I’d love to see the Earth from Space but I’m glad there are people braver than me blazing a trail, sitting in a capsule surrounded by fire sounds good in a movie, I just like to see the images and findings.

The kind of space travel that we see in popular Sci-Fi like Star Trek is not going to happen in my lifetime, if it’s ever realized at all and just as an aside I personally don’t feel strongly about Humans going to Mars – while it does seem it could plausibly be accomplished say in 10-20 years what exactly would it mean?

The argument usually goes we have to keep searching, stretching the human spirit – putting ourselves out there. Maybe it’s that we somehow subconsciously believe that people should be willing to die for it and until humans put their lives on the line for Science – we don’t feel a part of it’s importance?

I don’t know what it is really, in the West we’re all totally dependent on technology which operates on scientific principles – maybe people don’t see that Technology is just the storefront of scientific progress – that every incremental advance in materials and clever uses of energy cells is literally, Science in Action!

Then at some point on a scale of ‘believability’ some lose faith and that is the point where they declare something a pseudo science or a conspiracy theory – something outside of the usual rules of things and therefore a new paradigm – and who doesn’t like to discover one of those?

But what’s my point here – Science works, and it works every day – every day you put your life in the hands of a seatbelt or a light switch and if you twist a material like this or heat it too much then it breaks, and these are things we can predict again and again with startling accuracy – after all, you’re looking at an image from Mars here taken by a robot… but believing in the influence of things outside of Science, in the un-proveable makes arguing itself obsolete.

If I’m rambling here the point I’m trying to make is that Science and rationality are the way we move forward as a species – oh, and vote for Bernie!


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