Mars – Hirise project – Philosophy, Aliens.


For me, what the Mars ‘Hirise’ project does for Space and more specifically our understanding of our Solar System and the planets therein (most specifically, Mars..) – is that it shows that the closer we look, the more Earth-like the geographic features we see.

That is, at this level of detail we start to see all of the same intricacies and small miracles that we see in rock formations and coastlines here on Earth and that, truly is life-affirming..

– because if we see it here in our Solar System, in environments that have no real signs of life then at least it seems we understand Geology, and Tectonics and Geography and following that, it would seem we have a good grasp of Astronomy and Cosmology, of Nature itself.

– and if we have that, then that means we’re not completely baffled by what’s out there and if one day we find something that looks back at us with a curiosity we can’t fully grasp we might by learning about it, evolve into something more than we were.


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