Star Wars: The Force Awakens – my review!


Gonna try and not spoil anything about the plot here so let’s see if i can do that.

Ok, so I saw this for a second time last night and I’m just going to dive in and firstly say, it’s really, really good. Abrams has done as close to a perfect job of rebooting the saga as you could’ve wished for.

It’s got lots of everything you love about the original trilogy and pretty much none of that err, other stuff. Daisy Ridley is great as the spunky new heroine who gets to blast out of a desert planet not too dissimilar from Tatooine. John Boyega (Attack the Block) brings warmth and humanity to his role as a Stormtrooper with a conscience. It’s wonderful to see Chewie and I was surprised at how many ‘wordless’ sections of the film were loaded with humour and emotion and Harrison Ford comes back and totally anchors the film with his wizened wit and charm.

Everything is good about this movie, it’s like a great big box of chocolates for fans. There’s a lot of great humour in it too and quite cleverly the new characters are also fans of the old ones, waxing mythological about Luke Skywalker and Han Solo..

The effects which were created with the view to calming down the CGI gluttony that can so easily sink sci-fi movies and they do a great job of this. Maz Kanata the most extensively CGI character in the movie is given such snappy dialogue, full of wit and wisdom that it’s easy to forget she’s a bunch of rendering.

The Millenium Falcon’s modus operandi was always blasting out of some desperate situation and you do not get short changed here – the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy looking like a million bucks here as it levels up and pulls out of Jakku – for me the best-looking spaceship ever created.

The movie is heavy on nostalgia for the original series and follows on from Return of the Jedi – albeit 30 years later or something… I think it’s pointless to pick holes in this film because I really don’t think it could’ve been better and as well as pleasing the fans there are some bold surprises too.

We had no right to think that a new Star Wars movie could be this good – it’s a swashbuckling, rollicking ride.

BTW – I took a friend to see it who hadn’t ever seen a Star Wars movie and I showed her all three of the original trilogy in the weeks before going – that IMO is the way to go see it and if you haven’t seen the reboots that Lucas did a few years ago don’t worry about that too much – it certainly doesn’t look like Abrams cared for them – I, for one look upon this one as, Episode 4.


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