Syd Mead on Daft Punk swiping his helmet design… (swiped from 70sscifiart tumblr: link below)



I Totally swiped this 70sscifiart 😀

Q: You’d mentioned your fashion helmet earlier—it’s one of my favorite Mead designs. And what I’ve always wondered is, did Daft Punk ever contact you about adopting or licensing your helmet design? Because Guy-Manuel’s mask is a spitting image for your concept.

A: The Daft Punk group as part of the current media world has to continuously invent themselves to acquire attention of the minuscule attention span demographic. They never communicated with me at all. I illustrated the elaborately ormolu’d helmet idea back in the ’60s for an article in Automobile Quarterly as a visual comment on future transportation ideas. As I always do, I embed my design ideas into their world to make the whole effort worthwhile as a story-telling environment. Not only is the Daft Punk version poorly proportioned but the ornament is a badly executed variation of Greco-Roman motif. I don’t really care at this point.


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