First image back from the Mangalyaan Probe is a beauty – ISRO


I saw this a few days ago but couldn’t quite believe how beautiful it was. I don’t like posting images from space unless they are ‘real’ – by that I mean, how the scene would look if I were there seeing it with my own eyes. Obviously filters and different kinds of cameras often have to be used to obtain acceptable images in space but with the planets of our Solar System I feel we should be able to see them in their ‘natural’ state – lit by sunlight as we see things lit on Earth.

Anyways I was reminded why I couldn’t get any more information on the image, the ISRO website is diabolically, comedically awful.

So I’m just going to have to paraphrase from the Tumblr I found the image, “The spacecraft used its Mars Color Camera to capture the amazing photo from a distance of 46,292 miles above the Red Planet.” until I know more..

I’d love to think this is how Mars would look if you were floating out there it just seems to gorgeous to be true, but not to take anything away from ISRO it is one beautiful image – now, work on that website 😉


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