More details on the Rosetta mission’s coming activities.

Over the next six weeks, it will make two triangular-shaped trajectories in front of the comet, first at a distance of 62 miles and then at 31 miles.

At the same time they’ll be looking for a target site for the Philae lander.

Eventually, Rosetta will attempt a close, near-circular orbit at 18 miles and, depending on the activity of the comet, perhaps come even closer.

As many as five possible landing sites will be identified by late August, before the primary site is identified in mid-September. The final timeline for the sequence of events for deploying Philae – currently expected for 11 November – will be confirmed by the middle of October.

Text taken from here.


It’s not built for looks!

Specific Wiki Pages:

The Comet
The lander
The Mission

– Is the biggest ESA mission to date? Seems like it.. in terms of scope and audacity – it’s bold and beautiful 🙂


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