It’s 70 Years since D-Day

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70 Years ago today 156,000 Men crossed the English channel and turned the tide of war against Hitler in West Europe – every one of us owes them something.

Take a moment out of your day to think about some aspect of D-Day.


2 thoughts on “It’s 70 Years since D-Day

  1. Imagine what those troops felt as they were standing inside the landing craft behind the steel drop door. They could here the bullets banging into the door like 30 caliber swords and each soldier knew what was going to happen when that door dropped.
    The word Courage is defined.

    • Precisely. Breaks my heart thinking about all the men who didn’t even have a chance.

      Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno

      A few years ago I visited Normandy without the intention of seeing all of the sites but it just took me up.. I visited Pegasus bridge – the first action of D-Day, a glider assault by British soldiers – incredibly brave, incredibly dangerous and, in the end incredibly successful.

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