Under the Skin – Jonathan Glazer


This may seem a little strange coming after Riddick but I saw this tonight and I’ve gotta say this is one film you have to see.

I don’t wanna give anything away but this movie is variously, a straight art-movie in the best sense of the word in that it combines sound and visuals in ways that genuinely challenge – not something that often happens in a cinema, it’s also a brutal depiction of life on Earth thru the eyes of someone not from this planet plus, parts of it are incredibly erotic as Johannson is basically playing an alien ‘Siren’ – luring men to their doom.

It goes unexpected places and she moves with it so completely that if you’re waiting to see if this is just a Hollywood star’s empty bid for arthouse-credibility then prepare to be disappointed – Johannson owns it.

I may spoil something now so don’t read on but…

I was a little disappointed with the last 10-15 minutes – felt it didn’t need to go there – felt like i was watching her get her ‘comeuppance’ which I didn’t think was necessary – nor was the ‘body snatchers reveal’ – shame about those bits – they broke it a bit for me but the great majority of this movie had me totally mesmerized and excited/fearful of what would happen next.

There’s a sequence about 25 minutes in which I found absolutely terrifying and it must be said that tthe music/sound design is incredible.


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