Andrei Linde finds out his prediction on Cosmic Inflation Theory has been proved – I don’t pretend to completely understand this but I bloody love Science!

Someone on YouTube who sounded like they knew what they were talking about posted this:

“jmitterii216 minutes ago

For one thing, we now have observed gravitational waves and they do make an impact on space-time as predicted. So that’s very important in understanding gravity and space-time. Maybe one day with understanding Higg’s field and now confirming gravitational waves do exist, we’ll be able to manipulate mass, gravity, and space-time.
And we at least have the evidence on how the universe expanded very quickly at the very beginning of the big bang.”


This also sounds learned:

“Anyone who is confused about what they are talking about at the beginning: 5.2 sigma is a statistical measurement of error, basically. It means they have over 5 standard deviations of certainty. 1 standard deviation is ~68% likely that the result is valid, 2 standard deviations means ~95% likelihood that the result is valid, 3 = ~99.7%… 5 is 99 with a few 9s after that decimal. 5 is the amount necessary to confirm a discovery like this in physics. So telling him “5.2 sigma plus or minus .05″ was a HUGE thing for Linde to hear.”


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