Some more from Colin Hay & Bob Layzell and musings on the pre-CGI take on Sci-Fi

Futuropolis 2 Colin Hay Lathe Of Heaven




Sci-fi Artwork from the 70’s and 80’s really is my thing.. these are by Colin Hay, a Scottish Artist who acknowledged that he was inspired by Chris Foss and there’s definitely some similarities in style but his choice of subject and composition are a bit different. There’s a sort of crumbling, fuzziness to the edges that I think was partly due to the medium they were painted in – before the “Airbrushes of the 80’s” came along and I think that’s a lot of the appeal for me.

It reminds me a lot of same technological barriers that were being tackled around the same time in film.. on the one hand you had films like Alien with it’s creative use of models and matte-painting and on the other the early uses of CGI in movies in films like Tron, The Last Starfighter and the Lawnmower Man. Those latter movies often played with the idea of simulacra as a way to excuse the shortcomings of the medium with all of them using plot devices that had elements of a “reality within a computer-world.”

There were still films using models – Total Recall and Aliens had a lot of model-work but there was quite a lot of time in the mid-90’s before CGI had gotten to the point where it could truly attempt to realistically convey entire environments – The Phantom Menace in 1999 probably helped kicks things along quite a bit..


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