Tron Legacy

Ok so i’m know i’m not exactly first out of the gate here. I saw the movie last week – just on a laptop and thought it was great. I’d been getting into DP’s soundtrack a few days beforehand and was liking it immensely. Epic orchestral passages mixed up with 8-bit distorted percussive sounds and Daft Punk’s trademark bitcrushed synths – it sounded compelling, powerful and perfect for Tron.

The movie’s got it’s flaws – yeah it’s Disney and it has to try and please everyone and keep it ‘clean’ for the kids and of course this has it’s limitations.. despite that though i thought it really delivered. The styling of the movie – the design of the world, the characters and the lighting are all superb and the way these elements are enriched by the music is often breaktaking.

Oh and the birds are pretty special too..


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