How to coat a mirror in Gold for the James Webb Space Telescope

The incredible James Webb Space Telescope – NASA/Chris Gunn


Standing tall and glimmering gold inside NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center’s clean room in Greenbelt, Maryland is the James Webb Space Telescope primary mirror. It will be the largest yet sent into space.
Credits: NASA/Chris Gunn

Blade Runner 9732 – Deckard’s apartment as 3D environment.

Check out the website.

Thanks Fabrice!

..and someone else made a 12-hour ambient loop of Decker’s apartment – cool.

Prince – Dead at 57 :(


Ok, so nothing to do with Science or Sci-fi but Prince meant a lot to me.. got me into music in the first place – here’s me back in ’89 – proudly wearing some trinket thing i got from one of his gigs that looked a bit odd then and even odder now but hey, he did his own thing and made me think i could do it too – wish he’d have taken more of a swing at a comeback – always thought he had it in him.

prince boy


Reunite Pangea! – don’t think I’ve ever posted a t-shirt before but i dig this..

Hands up who likes drums!

Abandoned Mall


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