The Black Hole, Future Shorts

Tullio Crali, Cityscape, 1939

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NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Our new Space Launch System (SLS) will carry three times the payload of the space shuttle on our #JourneyToMars. This visualization shows a shock wave at the front of the vehicle and helps design engineers understand how aerodynamic forces will affect the SLS during launch.

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Assembling the James Webb Space Telescope

City of Newcrest, Aurélien Fournier

Mars – from the beautifulmars Tumblr


Images and posts from HiRISE, the high resolution camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO, NASA). Enhanced color pictures are 1 km across; black and white are less than 5 km.

Nuclear Fusion Basics – ITER in Five Minutes

Interestingly the previous video I posted about Nuclear Fusion disappeared along with the YouTube account that created it – I’m guessing they just stole the content from somewhere else. So I’m just going to change the video to this one about ITER, the incredible project going on in France right now to try and make nuclear fusion a reality by the 2020s.


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