Yo Yo Yo Yo

So, it’s been awhile and the big ole tub that is the world has been thrashed this way and that – lest that’s how it’s seemed to me and it took me away from writing about anything much for a while – at least in blog form.

Science and Fiction though has continued without me and so I’m going to dive back in and start writing about things that have happened culturally and see what I can dig up – plus there will probably be ‘retro’ posts because the past is often more surprising than our ideas about the future, as we often forget what we’ve done and how we’ve got to this point.


Below is the artwork from a Tsunchoo record I released a few years ago and I’ve been releasing new music recently both as Tsunchoo (electronica, cinematic) and also as Simon Garrett. – which is more indie/rock/acoustic

Siamese Tunes


New post coming…

I’m going to try and restart this abandoned spaceship and see if i can get the generator running once again..

I plan to write something soon – I think I’ll start with something about Blade Runner 2049

Bitter Lake – Adam Curtis

Adam Curtis is a documentary-maker who makes work for the BBC – utilizing their extensive archives to pull together imagery and newsreel footage and wonderfully evocative music to create documentaries which seek to explain the world we live in.

I find them incredibly compelling, perhaps you will too.

Noam Chomsky – Channel 4 Interview

On this day in 1969…

New Music Video for my tune, Bosingwa – Created from clips from Battle of the Planets cartoon.

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