Summer * Breaks // Mix – Simotron

Mercury Transit across the Sun – David Cortner


Incredibly beautiful picture by David Cortner.

Queen & Star Wars mashup

I’ve posted this before but it’s SO freakin’ good..

Voyager 2 Triton Flyby – from 1989

So cool to think they’ve had these images since 1989 but we haven’t had the processing technology to create this until now – I think that is totally freakin’ wonderful and look forward to seeing more of these revelations.

Official Text: Sail past Neptune’s moon Triton, with data obtained from NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989. The historical footage has been restored and used to construct the best-ever global color map of the strange moon.

The new Triton map has a resolution of 1,970 feet (600 meters) per pixel. The colors have been enhanced to bring out contrast but are a close approximation to Triton’s natural colors. Voyager’s “eyes” saw in colors slightly different from human eyes, and this map was produced using orange, green and blue filter images.

In 1989, most of the northern hemisphere was in darkness and unseen by Voyager. Because of the speed of Voyager’s visit and the slow rotation of Triton, only one hemisphere was seen clearly at close distance. The rest of the surface was either in darkness or seen as blurry markings.

Looking to land on 67P

Solar-Powered Cat – with LED knee-light! – now that’s science fiction!



I’m having a silly day.

67P hanging out in downtown Los Angeles! – by quark1972


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