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The Cassini Mission’s findings on Enceladus’s geysers…


Cassini Finds 101 Geysers And More On Icy Saturn Moon

“For me, the finding of an easily sampled, habitable environment within Enceladus has been Cassini’s most profound discovery,” said Porco. “Many of us are now asking whether a second origin of life in our solar system could have occurred on this little moon.” – Carolyn Porco – leader of the Cassini Imaging Team

Virgil Finlay

Mitchell Jamieson, First Steps

Mountains of the Moon series by Darren Almond


Fullmoon@Rwenzori: Mountains of the Moon, 2010

The artist, Darren Almond takes these very long exposures using only moonlight.



Gilbert Williams

Smog – Bo Zonneveld


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